I’d want to change the style of my custom box that I ordered. Is that possible?

Yes, within 2 to 3 days after placing your purchase, you may modify or update the design of your personalised box. However, after three days, you will be unable to modify it. Because it was submitted to the production house after three days, and it is no longer feasible to make changes because the template has been put in the machines and the printing process has begun. So, if you want to change the design of the box or anything else, please let us know within three days.

Is it possible for me to provide my own artwork for the design of a custom box?

Sure, why not…? You may send us your artwork to be used in the creation of your personalised boxes. Our experts excel in incorporating fresh artwork into their work. Simply provide us a sample in a soft form created in any Adobe extension programme, and we will enticingly inscribe the design on your boxes.

Do you have any work/box templates or samples?

Of course, we have several examples of our box material and styles on hand. You may, however, choose your box material and design by looking at a sample. You may also change the design of the box. You may, however, have any box style and design that you choose. Simply choose the appropriate one.

When will I get notification that my order has been shipped?

When your purchase is dispatched, the customer service professional to whom you gave the order will inform you of the shipment information and the expected arrival time. You will be notified of your order in this manner.

Why Do You Need My Product’s Dimensions?

To get the correct box style, you’ll need to know the dimensions. We also need the measurements of your valuable merchandise since we need to confirm the box dimensions. However, if you do not provide the appropriate measurements for your box design, there is a potential that the box will not be properly formed, and your goods will not fit in. Furthermore, it will detract from the appearance of your product packing. As a result, we’ll need the measurements of your goods in order to build the ideal box for it.

Are there any box styles that aren’t listed on your website that you offer?

Sure, why not…? You may also make use of your creative design box. Simply define your own box concept. We’ll make it happen for you. Furthermore, we have made every effort to provide all of the significant box designs on our website. Additionally, just provide us with your box pattern, and we will produce a custom box for your items.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

Everything has developed in the form of online transactions as the world changes and progresses. However, we accept all modes of payment to keep up with recent trends and for the convenience of our consumers. As a result, don’t be concerned about the payment. You may, however, pay for your orders using Master Card, PayPal, Union Pay, Visa, and any other payment method you like.

If I reorder the same box, will my colours match?

To do so, contact or give your order to the same customer service person or designer with whom you previously placed an order. However, the expert will complete your order in the same manner as the previous one, and he may ask you to offer past designs as a sample in order to get ideal colour results for the new order. As a result, you’ll be able to use the same colour for the box once again.

Are you able to provide graphic design services?

Yes, we provide some of the most attractive graphic design services available. For example, if you’ve bought your boxes and want to check on their visual design and pattern quality, you can! A 2D and 3D mockup video of your graphically created box will be sent to you. In addition, we provide options for RGB, Vector, and Raster Graphics.

Do you have a variety of box styles to choose from?

Yes, we provide a variety of unique box designs. You may, however, personalise the boxes to fit your creative style. Furthermore, you may choose from a variety of box styles on our website. Tuck-End Boxes to Double Wall Front Tuck End Mailers Boxes are just a few of the possibilities available. Simply choose the needed box style of your choosing right now…!

Is it possible for me to have printing on both the inside and outside of the box?

Sure! You may add elegance to your boxes by using beautiful printing. However, printing on the interior and outside of the box may be done beautifully. Our firm provides a wide range of customization possibilities; you may change the printing on your bespoke box in any manner you like. Simply tell us about your artwork design, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Are There Any Extra Charges? What About the Price of a Die and a Plate?

There are no hidden charges against us. The allegations are publicly stated. If you’re worried about the cost of the die and plate, don’t be. We don’t include these prices in the price. Furthermore, since we value our clients, we do not charge for die and plate charges.

Are you able to ship to countries outside of the United States?

Yes! We also ship to a variety of countries. Our distribution network, on the other hand, has expanded to include nations such as the United Kingdom and Australia. Furthermore, you may make an order from anywhere in Europe and have your boxes delivered in a short period of time. You, on the other hand, get your order from all around the globe.

When Will My Custom Box Order Arrive?

Our organisation is quite reliable when it comes to meeting delivery dates. However, we are always improving the quality of our boxes and making every effort to shorten your waiting time. Our shipping time is between 8 and 10 days. However, you should expect to get your item in 8 to 10 days. Furthermore, if you want a quick, urgent delivery, we may do it in 6 to 8 days. Rapid delivery, on the other hand, will cost you a bit extra. However, you will get boxes in a shorter period of time.

Is there a minimum order with A1 Custom Boxes?

Yes! Orders of at least 100 pieces per typical design style are accepted. If you’re purchasing a certain box type, however, you should purchase 100 units. Furthermore, our minimum order quantity is one hundred pieces. If you buy in quantity, you may save a lot of money on wholesale boxes.